3. sounds like a life goal to me

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  5. You have to make yourself believe.  Is this possible?  Can you turn “void” into “God” by switching the words over and over again?

    Any act of self-salvation is a problem because of death which always has the last laugh, and if there has been a dramatic and continual despair hanging over childhood, then it may even be impossible.

    After all, can you call “doubt” “bewilderment” and suddenly be relieved?

    Not if your mind has been fatally poisoned… .

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  6. virus-caused aphasic poetry in DS9 (s1e5)

  7. when I get uncertain about how to move poetry forward, I write about tesseracts.


  8. In case you missed it.


  9. 1.) yoga or stretching
    2.) less internet
    3.) writing more
    4.) eating better
    5.) reading more
    6.) writing letters
    7.) devotion (the above somehow holistically incorporated possibly somewhat woo)
    8.) passivity (attempting to find the power of the hollow space)

  10. maskmagazine:

    "Seeing in the Dark" — a short essay by zoeaddison on impossible living and jamesreads​’ Light Visions Tarot. 


    I wrote a thing on making bad decisions so I could afford a tarot deck!